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Impotence considered a most embarrassing condition in men, which mostly arises above 50s and 60s age of people. It is a kind of sexual disorder, not a disease, which fails the person to enjoy their sexual life. It generally arises in men living unhealthy lifestyle and practicing harmful habits. Impotence is nothing, but a face of erectile dysfunction, which steadily becoming common in men. The conditions arise when a man sexually gets motivated,where the brain send signal to the penis enhancing the blood circulation tuning the tissue wide and tough. In short, anything that interrupts the nervous function or the blood circulation may lead to cause an issue of erectile dysfunction. It’s a stage, which turns the penis in rigid form due to insufficient supply of blood turning the nerves narrow and the muscles tough in form. A man holding low libido level may get the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Well, there are enormous factors to cause an impediment of erectile dysfunction in which smoking and excessive stress found to be the leading one. The studies found that people who smoke much will surely get the issue of the low libido level. Moreover, a man suffering from some severe disease or going under prolong medication treatments may face the snag of penile erection (impotence). An excessive intake of drugs is another factor to cause ED in middle age people. Further, person holding unhappy frame of mind (depression) are likely to get low libido level gradually turning it in ED form. A family history would be the additional factor to cause ED.

Here we introduced Kamagra tab

which aids soothe and treat the issue of erectile dysfunction. Its intake facilitates the blood supply of the penis turning the muscles calm and the nerves broad in form. Use this drug to get the condition mend easily.

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